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DCS stands on core values of being an employee-oriented company, offering quality services

DCS stands on core values of being an employee-oriented company, offering quality services.

What are the services provided by your company, and how do you stand out from your competitors?

DCS is a corporate company that offers solutions to the government’s defence agencies and other companies that focus on national security in the USA. We provide engineering, technical support, and programmatic services to our customers using cutting-edge technologies. Our company is a leader in implementing new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, human systems engineering, modelling and simulation, rapid prototyping, testing and evaluation, and unmanned systems.

Our employees are scientists and researchers who follow best practices while offering services to customers. They contribute more to the success of various projects with commitment, transformative ideas, missions, deep learning, etc. DCS is an employee-oriented company that aims to cater to the needs of customers with the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and excellence. We provide technical and continuous training through innovation to sharpen their skills.

Moreover, our company will monitor them to understand their problems and guide them to become experts in their professions. Our employees understand their responsibilities and values in the company’s operation, which makes us stand out from competitors.

Please share with our readers the major challenges in your career and how they aided you in developing leadership qualities in yourself.

No one can become a leader within a month or year because it requires them to develop their qualities. As a leader, I have to face some major challenges in my career. Our company faced difficulties in recruiting the right employees due to various factors. The labour market was very challenging, and I helped the company achieve 10% annual revenue growth with deep learning concepts.

Furthermore, I have followed the Time to Fill (TTF) metrics that enabled the company to accomplish the annual hires in 46 days. TTF metrics helped me recruit employees when the labour market looked very challenging for me. Another challenge faced by our company was implementing the strategic initiatives, and I used the latest technologies for this purpose which proved worthwhile.

As an experienced leader, what advice would you like to give to emerging businessmen?

An emerging businessman should never give up and maintain patience to achieve success in life. Loving a job is the first step to improving oneself when it comes to leadership. It is wise for a businessman to set realistic goals and start working towards them to reach the next level. Communication is another important thing to consider for the success of a company because it allows employees to perform their tasks with high efficiency.

Learning is a necessary skill for every businessman because it provides the knowledge to develop in many ways and play the business strategically. Apart from this, creating the best work culture for employees allows them to enhance their abilities in productivity of work. At DCS, our comprehensive team embodies the culture and values of the company. This ultimately contributes to the success of our company while offering services to customers. Skills needed for an emerging businessman include problem-solving, time management, decision-making, attention to detail, etc.

What inspired you to start DCS Corporation?

It all started in 1976 when the three of us decided to start the DCS Corporation. Carl H. Dubac, David L. Shumaker, and Sidney S. Cox agreed to become partners. Our founders pledged to start a company that would address the technical problems of the defence sector with innovative employees. The company first started to provide support to the Naval Air Systems located in Pentagon City.

We have opened offices in some other US locations to serve the nation better. Today, our company has more employees who strive to perform challenging work in a comfortable environment with high accuracy. Serving and protecting the well-being of the nation prompted us to start a company. Also, we wanted to provide opportunities for skilled people to make a significant change in their lives.

DCS stands as the top firm in the market today due to its past and present employees, who have contributed more to its growth. We can honestly say that the initials “DCS” stand for its employee-owners. Our company allows customers to receive high-quality services from highly dedicated and qualified employees.

How have you planned the future of DCS Corporation?

Since DCS is a medium-sized company, we aim to deliver services to large companies with a unique mix of small company values. Our team management focuses on discovering new technologies and implementing them in the workplace. Furthermore, they focus more on strategic plan development to provide leading technology solutions to our customers.

Each DCS office will guide employees in implementing strategic initiatives to make the best decisions. We work on ensuring that employees will accomplish their goals with high-quality standards. Our future recruitment process will go through various stages to assess their skills and other things. New technologies are emerging these days, and they are advancing to achieve the desired outcomes accurately.

Our company will train them to improve their performance and productivity. This will help us provide the best services to our customers. We make sure that our customers will meet their expectations and get the job done right. Technical excellence plays a key role in contributing more to a project’s success, and we help our customers accomplish their goals with the best results. We will support small and medium-sized companies in future markets with our outstanding services.

Can you briefly describe yourself and the pillars of your company?

As a leader, I would like to say that I am a motivator to get the best out of employees. This is because motivation is a key factor that drives employees to focus on their work with more attention. I organize workshops and seminars for them to equip their skills efficiently and make them productive. I will enhance my skills to improve employee engagement in the workplace.

Employees are the main pillars of our company because they perform their work with dedication and empowerment. Moreover, they will work in a positive working environment that will help them become great achievers. I encourage them to learn new things that are necessary for the development of our company. Employees in our company are highly committed to technologies, and they apply continuous improvement practices to ensure that they stay aligned with the needs of customers.

What are the aims and ideals that guide you as an individual and professional?

Creating a diverse work culture is the major objective of leadership because it provides ways to bring people from different backgrounds together. Another thing is that it enables employees to work together towards a common goal. Diversity allows employees to share their ideas with others, which helps them make informed decisions. It even offers solutions to various problems that help ensure smooth operations.

As a team leader, I will seek the feedback of employees to know how they perform in the workplace. Employees should evaluate their progress levels to understand the areas that need improvement. They can even correct their mistakes and work better to increase their productivity. I will develop relationships with them to know their problems and offer solutions at the earliest possible time. Every organization will look at the performance of employees, and I will guide them to develop their skills.

“Business Excellence is at the heart of everything that we do at DCS”

 Company Name : DCS Corporation

 Website : www.dcscorp.com

 Management Team                                               Carrie Hamm, Director of Talent Acquisition

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