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Mola – We bring you the tradition and culture of the globe in your palms

Mola - We bring you the tradition and culture of the globe in your palms

The entertainment industry wears various masks when entertaining people. Entertainment differs from person to person. Every individual has a different set of interests, like storytelling, drama, movies, dance shows, watching sports & etc. From the ancient period of mankind, the globe has people from different cultures and backgrounds, but for sure, each and every culture is associated with one or another way of entertainment like dance, music, drama and etc.

The scientific inventions started in the Stone Age and have evolved into newer technologies. One such scientific invention is television, which has turned the entertainment industry into a new dimension. The Electronic Television was successfully demonstrated in San Francisco on September 7, 1927. The system was designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth. From, where it has changed and transformed into different dimensions.

OTT has started a new era by bypassing traditional media like cable, broadcast, and satellite television. Cell phones have occupied the space of entertainment using carrier-based internet; people use this platform to view their interests. The OTT platform allows you to watch any kind of content from any corner of the world. Each and every country in the world has its own tradition and culture, sports, movies, cooking, sports, storytelling, drama, technology-oriented information, education-related information, automobile information, businesses, and so on. Information-based content can be telecasted through OTT, and it can be viewed around the globe by subscribing to the particular OTT channels. OTT helps in the sharing of culture around the globe. You can travel the world through your mobile phone to get more information about the places. It allows you to watch whenever you want to watch, as it is not only telecasted as a traditional television channel, which telecasts the program content once and can’t be viewed at your convenience.

The entertainment industry all over the globe has grown massively; today, the globe has shrunk into a palm. Which has given the whole world the opportunity to watch any type of visual on their mobile phone.

Dr. CP Lee has taken the crown to showcase the culture of Indonesia to the globe with versatile content through Mola. We got the opportunity to interact with Dr. CP Lee to get insight about his vision and business experience and the strategies he followed to achieve success, which will be eye-opening to young entrepreneurs.

What is Mola—does it focus on only entertainment or does it focus on international games as well?

Mola is a global subscription video on-demand and over-the-top streaming service that originated in Indonesia. Mola holds live and on-demand broadcasting rights for multiple sports competitions, including the PGA. Mola also offers on-demand streaming from a library of films and television series. We have developed a platform where viewers can access different genres of content, such as web series, movies, cartoons, etc.

What are the web products that have been developed by Mola?

Mola is currently available to users in many avenues, including via the web, through Smart TVs powered by Android TV, Samsung and LG, as well as targeted platforms such as those by Polytron and vidaa powered TVs. It is also available on mobile tablets and handsets running on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.

How does your company differ from other competitor OTT’s in viewer experience?

Mola offers a unique proposition of General Entertainment, Sports and Music library. Coupled with that, Mola works with different organization to extend their reach via offline events under the Mola Chill banner, bringing their users closer to the artists.

Dr. CP Lee has worked for two decades in top MNCs, guiding the team to success. Can you share his success story in brief?

Dr. CP Lee has always been a very passionate person in all his engagements. Starting from working as a pre-sales engineer with Apple, he has rapidly developed the acumen to scout for new opportunities and work with clients to ensure their needs are catered fully, hence winning the confidence and accolades of clients and partners repeatedly. He strongly navigated through his career path with a singular theme–Dedication in Transformation, where even as he transversed the different industries, he used his strong technical background to ensure that his work is done at its highest level, bringing with it positive, everlasting changes in everything he dabbled in. With his progression, starting from Apple, moving to Motorola and Home Box Office, Dr. CP Lee has continuously proven himself over and over again to be able to bring positive transformative work to whatever environment he finds himself in. His most recent venture to join Mola, an Indonesian OTT startup, sees his rapid growth from a technical leader into a complete leadership position, which sees him being recognized by the industry with the various awards conferred upon him, including the most recent Most Innovative CTOs in Tech2023 from the World’s Leaders Magazine.

What is the vision of your company in the industry? What is the benchmark you want to set for the next generation?

Dr. CP Lee looks himself as a common man on the street. His passion to excel stems from his humble upbringing and his desire to constantly outperform himself. His vision for his team is to always excel at what they do, to look at the impossible, and to succeed where others dare not venture. His never-say-die attitude is what drives him and his team to various successes during his tenure. Dr. CP Lee simply wants to be a guiding light to the next generation. If one has the mindset for success, he/she will be able to achieve it though the constant evolution of oneself to be a better person.

“Transforming your viewing experience”

 Company Name : MOLA

 Website : www.mola.tv

 Management Team                                                 Dr. CP Lee, Chief Technology & Operations   Officer

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