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TransExecutive – We make this statement to make people think about what delivers the result

TransExecutive - We make this statement to make people think about what delivers the result

In this interview, Harold Hendrickx explores TransExecutive perspective on the procurement & supply chain processes and function to help companies achieve their objectives and goals in the industry.

What significant changes have you made in the procurement and supply chain?

The biggest and most significant changes we have made is on mindset, adopting new ways of working, using proven concepts and models from the military where our clients embrace change and the dynamic world they operate. Bringing various skills and capabilities together and be truly complementary and reinforcing to each-other, be right and be ready. Not only to deliver on project or programmes, but particularly to be ready and have a proper response on the next crisis.

We have delivered many optimization and transformation programmes with tangible results for our clients across the world and in various business sectors, but the common nominator is that mindset: the ability to be and stay in control, have a proper response to an impactful change or crisis, be resilient and turn challenges into competitive advantages, whilst utilising existing and new talent through motivational and inspirational leadership.

What is Four-Sided Triangle©?

As a provoking statement we say: “Digital Transformation Doesn’t Exist”. That might not be entirely true, but we make this statement to make people think about what delivers the result. It is not the technology, which is a true enabler and accelerator. The People, Process and Technology model is commonly known, but lacks 2 major elements, it doesn’t start with people, but with the process, it is the action that brings a valuable outcome.

Secondly, it doesn’t mention “governance”, which is crucial to consider to be successful. Whether it is internal or external laws, rules, legislation or decision making, it will need to be considered when designing, setting-up and implementing a change. We improved the model to consider all relevant elements and assure balance between the 4 essential elements. Process, Governance, Ownership, Technology. These are shaped in a triangle which is known as the Four-Sided Triangle©.

The Four-Sided Triangle© is successfully used in optimization and transformation programmes in a various of industries in different stages of growth and maturity. It is a true proven model.

What is the future goal to grow your company globally?

Globalisation has made the world smaller, the impact through changes is higher it is far more dynamic and therefore complex on business processes. To maximise value delivery, it requires specific capabilities, competencies and capacity to optimise those processes. Industries requires support to help delivering excellence in their functions and processes, whilst they focus on what they do best servicing their customers with their core products or services.

TransExecutive continues to grow and expands its focus to serve clients all over the world in various sectors. Every industry faces new challenges we put our clever ideas and concepts to get solutions, on the front foot to design, implement and deliver new, bespoke, customized answers and solutions for our clients. We assure to continue and widen our network of professionals and partners to provide a tailored approach to our client’s unique situation.

TransExecutive, besides enabling the Supply and Procurement functions of our clients to excellence, expanding our services to support other business functions, development and growth. We are assessing and designing integrated end-to-end business processes to enable, optimise, improve and transform. An end-to- end approach is our focus to help our clients to grow, expand and be scalable in sustainable way.

What is your advice to the aspiring next-generation business community?

Embrace the dynamic environment of doing business. We have learned in past years that tomorrow is always different. At TransExecutive, we embrace that dynamic environment and apply concepts like dynamic team to deliver results. We call that the Task Force approach which has derived from our military DNA and experience, where skills, competencies, capabilities and capacity are allocated to form a team (the Task Force) to deliver the mission and obtain value.

My advice to business leaders is to place the right candidate at right position based on their skills instead posting based on experience. Identify your mission, set the mission objectives, determine which skills, capabilities and competencies are needed to deliver, shape the team based on skillset, get external support if you don’t have the capabilities or capacity internally, and facilitate the team. I would advise to set-up a War Room or, if you believe that is too aggressive, a Situation Room. The War Room can be an actual location at the office, or virtually or a hybrid set-up for the team to come together, share the latest and greatest information, anticipate on the situation, make decisions and plan out the next steps.

What made you decide to start your company?

I started my own business to be in an optimal position to provide the support and help other be successful. Utilising the Task Force approach and mindset, it could bring the required, bespoke expertise, skills and capabilities to serve our clients to our best ability. The diversity in helping people in a various type of industries on very different challenges, across the world, is what motivates us.

What is the strategy you follow to keep your company successful in the industry?

Active listening to the client, understanding and embracing their challenge and providing them with clever essential solution. TransExecutive as a solution partner, optimises, transforms processes and functions, by 100% customised and tailored made approach. Utilising battle proven concepts and DNA derived from the Military & NATO. This unique combination delivers effectively.

Besides our guarantee we work with our clients until the optimization or transformation is fully delivered, understanding clients requirement and providing them with tailor made solution. Satisfied clients positive feedback on our work motivates us to run successfully.

About the Founder/CEO

TransExecutive was founded by Harold Hendrickx. Harold’s worked for 20+ years as Senior Officer in Air Force & NATO, which helped him in shaping his skills and competencies, he has 10 years of experience working as a Director of Global Transformation & Enablement in a multinational, multi-billion turnover companies as well he worked for various start- and scale ups, in optimising and transforming processes and functions to deliver value and increase their performance.

Harold has developed concepts like the Task Force approach and the Four-Sided Triangle to guarantee rapid achievement in goals using military precision & practices with an optimal balance between process, governance, ownership and (digital) technology.

TransExecutive believes in Honesty, Embracing, Authenticity, Respect and Trustworthiness, which forms their H.E.A.R.T. values.

“TransExecutive is here to serve and deliver your mission”

“Honesty, Embracing, Authenticity, Respect and Trustworthiness”

 Company Name : TransExecutive

 Website : www.trans-executive.com

 Management Team                                           Harold Hendrickx, Founder & CEO

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