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Jeff Yuen & Associates, Inc

Jeff Yuen & Associates, Inc

Can you brief us what inspired you to start the company?

My journey has been an unconventional one, I have worked in diverse industries wearing multiple hats. But I have always had a deep passion and calling to help people in need from a physical, mental, or spiritual perspective. My parents were instrumental, especially my father who was a well-known surgeon in Sacramento, CA.

What products or services does your company focus on? How do you make sure your service is more practical and professional than your competitors?

We focus on ensuring that safe and effective medical products are brought to patients, especially those with unmet medical needs. We have a reputation for being practical and pragmatic while also ensuring that our pharmaceutical and biotech clients maintain the necessary quality and regulatory compliance standards that meet or exceed regulatory agency expectations.

What is the greatest achievement so far in your business?

I am proud to have networked and grown the company in a manner that never compromised our ability to meet or exceed client expectations. Personally, the many personal relationships formed over the course of nearly 25 years of business since leaving the US FDA is my greatest achievement.

What is the strategy you follow to keep yourself as a successful businessman?

I believe that we are “front runners” when it comes to CGMP compliance and not only knowing FDA’s expectations, but also being able to explain why business and compliance must be integrated; they cannot be done separately or in “a vacuum.

Being related to the pharmaceutical industry, how have you managed the pandemic situation?

The whole world has never before that faced a situation like that earlier, as a human being we too had confusions how the covid is going to play in human life, but our related industries worked hard to control or eradicate the disease throughout the world. Fortunately, we had great medical scientist, medical practitioners & medical staffs who really worked hard putting their life for toss to save the world.

We were one of the few businesses that were able to grow our business during the pandemic. We, like so many other pharmaceutical companies, worked tirelessly on Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for Covid vaccines.

Can you share about your future endeavors?

We have turned down letters of intent or offers to become acquired and chosen to grow the company “organically” by establishing two new partners. Gary Brennan and Monique Mendoza have started to take on the daily operations of running Jeff Yuen & Associates, Inc. along with the challenges of growing the business domestically and internationally.

I am pleased to move into more of a “transitional” role and advisor to the team. With a significant reduction in travel from 3 weeks per month to no more than 1.5 weeks per month, it allows me to spend more time at home with the family and my dog (Jax). While lost time can never be regained, it is time for me to focus on my family and on God’s calling for me into outreach and philanthropy.

I have kept Jim Valvano’s speech close to my heart throughout my career. In his infamous ESPY awards speech, he proclaimed: “To me there are three things everyone should do every day. Number one is laugh. Number two is think-spend some time in thought. Number three, you should have your emotions move you to tears. If you laugh, think and cry, that’s a heck of a day.”

I do intend to practice these 3 things to the best of my ability in the next chapter of my life.

What is the values ethics you follow and as well you encourage in your company to be followed? Learning from one’s mistakes is always the most important lesson. I have not been perfect, but I have always tried to lead by example. I have never asked a team member to commit to or work harder than I did myself. Then, knowing that the customer is always “right” means that there must always be a “win-win” proposition in any situation. In the famous words of Yoda from Star Wars, “Do or do not. There is no try.” And “Pass on to others what you have learned.”

Brief us about your company’s vision and the people who dedicate themselves to achieving your vision.

Our vision remains unchanged from Day 1. We are committed to the patients we serve. We do not view our work as work but rather a sincere and true passion to bring safe and effective medical products to those with unmet medical needs. We are not in the business of making money but rather we are here to serve the community and those less fortunate. While it is important to ensure our team is compensated for their efforts, it is the satisfaction of knowing in the end that we gave it our all for the greater good and to be know that we were a blessing to others.


“We are committed to Serve Mankind”

“We improve or change lives by working with brilliant scientific minds to bring medicines manufactured that meet or exceed regulatory expectations to patients”

 Company Name : Jeff Yuen & Associates, Inc

 Website : www.jeffyuen.com

 Management Team                                                 Jeff Yuen, Founder/CEO/President

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