Home Top 10 Innovators to Watch Through collaboration with hospitals and health systems, Strata Decision Technology seeks to improve healthcare.

Through collaboration with hospitals and health systems, Strata Decision Technology seeks to improve healthcare.

Most hospitals utilise one of hundreds of software solutions. They seek simplicity rather than complexity. They are seeking a platform rather than a specific item. Strata is a platform of software and service solutions for financial analytics, planning, and performance, not a specific item.

The new Strata brings a distinctive set of software and service solutions to help healthcare providers better analyse, plan, and perform in support of lowering the cost of care and caring for their community. The combined network of the two companies includes more than 400 health systems and 2,000 hospitals, and it has the highest service levels in the industry for more than a decade.

Cost accounting, long-term planning, rolling forecasting, OnePlan®, capital planning/tracking, productivity reporting, contract analytics, episode analytics, strategic pricing, ongoing improvement, ad-hoc reporting, executive dashboards, StrataSphere®, StrataSphere DI Tool, advanced analytics, and management reporting are some of the cloud solutions available.

Enterprise Cost Manager, Strategic Product Budgeting, Enterprise Budget, Capital Budget, Productivity Manager, Product Line Analysis, Contract Modeling, Clinical Analysis, Reporting Manager, Enterprise Management Dashboard, Advanced Analytics, Data Studio, Data Extender, and Data Dictionary are some on-premises options.

Advanced planning, strategic development, decision-support, margin optimization, and advanced analytics.

The famous “Best in KLAS” certification from the “Consumer Reports” of healthcare information technology has been given to Strata for 16 years. This top ranking for business decision support is a reflection of Strata’s commitment to providing their clients with top-notch services.

Trusted: Over 400 of the top healthcare delivery systems in the country are among Strata Decision Technology’s clients. The Strata network includes over 2,000 institutions, so there is not just safety in numbers but also a wealth of knowledge and best practises that are utilised.

Working with Strata is a completely unique experience.

The goal and passion of Strata Decision Technology is to improve healthcare. One of the largest socioeconomic issues and opportunities of their time is healthcare affordability, and their work helps bend the cost curve in that direction. People in Strata are genuinely aware of that goal. Their workplace is full with intelligent, gifted, dedicated, entertaining, giving, and genuinely nice people who genuinely love serving their clients and finding solutions to challenging issues.

Strata has won the Becker’s Healthcare “Top Place to Work in Healthcare” Award for six years, the Chicago Tribune’s “Top Place to Work” award for the previous two years, and Modern Healthcare’s “Best Place to Work” award most recently. These lists spotlight businesses that encourage diversity, worker participation, and professional development to foster an extraordinary work environment.

Strata Decision Technology’s foundation

As the company’s CEO, John is responsible for making sure that Strata Decision Technology fulfils its aim to improve healthcare. Over 2,000 hospitals and over 400 healthcare delivery systems, including several of the biggest and most influential healthcare systems in the U.S., use the company’s financial planning, analytics, and performance platform. The business has received numerous accolades, including recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine, as one of the best places to work in the healthcare industry by Becker’s Healthcare, and for sixteen years running, the prestigious “Best in KLAS” award from KLAS Enterprises for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Prior to this, John held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Strata, where he was in charge of supervising the company’s financial model and performance as well as being heavily involved in its operations and strategic direction. John has over 25 years of expertise in the healthcare industry, working for both small and big software and healthcare services firms.

John previously worked for Catamaran Corporation, a pharmacy benefit management firm that is now a part of OptumRx, as the Controller with a 70-person team. Catamaran had a $20 billion annual sales and was a publicly traded firm. John began his career at an enterprise healthcare IT company, where he contributed to the establishment of the systems, controls, and procedures that supported the expansion of the business’s revenue from $50 million to $300 million.

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