Home Top 10 Innovators to Watch Using unstructured text documents as a source, Allganize assists businesses in automating question-answering processes.

Using unstructured text documents as a source, Allganize assists businesses in automating question-answering processes.

Currently, chatbots are very sophisticated. In the past, they have generally provided a terrible experience and frequently overshadowed the cost reduction element owing to ticket diversion. Chatbots, however, have recently played a crucial role in streamlining and enhancing customer service operations because to AI and machine learning capabilities. The use of chatbots has become essential to business customer care operations. Chatbots can already be found on company websites, in smartphone applications, and in social media messaging apps.

A company called Allganize assists businesses in the insurance, financial, and SaaS sectors automate answering queries from a variety of intricate text documents. Its uses range from assisting service agents in customer support centres to providing customer support chatbots and extracting crucial information from text contracts for underwriters and agents. Its applications also include improving the search experience for end users on the website and mobile app. Allganize’s proprietary technology, in contrast to its rivals in the enterprise AI market, doesn’t require any manual data tagging, making it incredibly simple to adopt while delivering best-in-class results accuracy. It has been demonstrated that by using Allganize, an agent can handle 3X–5X more tickets per day because the AI can resolve 50%–80% of queries automatically.

Leading AI Answer Bot for Business

Up to 80% of support tickets can now be automatically handled by Alli AI Answer Bot’s intelligent responses to consumers through natural chat conversation flows. In addition to increasing labour productivity, this enables consumers to be served more quickly.

Help Desk Internal

Internal employee enquiries about human resources, accounting, information systems, sales assistance, and other general inquiries are answered truthfully by the Alli AI Answer Bot. By doing this, the amount of work needed to handle unneeded support exchanges is decreased.

Customer Service

The best part is that Alli Answer Bot automatically answers chat support questions from website visitors. Your support staff can handle greater support requests and increase customer satisfaction by handling fewer phone and email inquiries that need human interaction.

Individualized Insights Depending on the nature of the topic, Alli Answer Bot can tailor the chat flow. By enabling AI automation of difficult processes, Alli recognises the nature of enquiries and offers the appropriate response, such as presenting the appropriate form in response.

Understanding Context: The AI chatbot can accurately respond to every inquiry that is posed in a different way when looking for the same solution since it is able to comprehend the meaning and intent of a sentence.

Supports live chat: The chatbot gives operators the option to take control of the discussion at any time and has the capacity to employ cognitive search to quickly find solutions to pressing questions.

Using a straightforward drag and drop interface, you can create conversational flows and automate difficult operations without writing any code.

Search Thinking

Allganize uses the most effective cognitive search technique to locate solutions quickly. The AI solution for cognitive search intelligently extracts pertinent data to provide precise results. The company’s all-encompassing AI solutions recognise the context of the search query and deliver pertinent results, satisfying clients. Sorting through documents takes employees 2.5 hours on average. Through intelligent search, Allganize gives them precise answers, enhancing worker effectiveness.

The intelligent search swiftly retrieves answers from a variety of file kinds, including unstructured documents, enabling agents to handle up to five times more support tickets. With the help of Allganize’s AI technology, contact centre service personnel become subject-matter experts by interpreting the search query using natural language comprehension and providing the appropriate response in the form of a sentence or paragraph.

Discover the CEO

Allganize, the top cognitive search platform in the world, was founded and is led by Changsu Lee. The solution is automatically sourced from a large number of papers by Allganize’s AI. For immediate assistance in responding to the queries of your customers and staff, it can be made available as a chatbot or an API. Moreover, Lee founded 5Rocks. He also previously held three positions, including SVP of Platforms at Tapjoy. Lee received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), where he also completed his studies

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